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Hey Noni Yes! - winger confirms Poch is on his way to Stamford Bridge

By Paul Lagan

Noni gave the clearest hint yet that Mauricio Pochettino will be handling his career at SW6 next season.

Following Chelsea's 1-1 draw with Newcastle United, the winger, 21, said of the prospect of working under the former Spurs head coach:"I think he is a good manager. He has been in big places around the world and he was a great success in the Premier League. I am looking forward to working with and learning from him. "

Chelsea finished in their lowest league position since 1996 -12th and the north Londoner, signed from PSV for £29million said of the campaign: "It has not been great as a collective but there has been good moments individually and learning points — and that’s what you want.

“It was my first season in the Premier League and I have a lot to learn and a lot to take with me into the next one. Overall, I am positive [about the future].

"We just need cohesion and pulling in the right direction. I think next season we need to go back to basics.

"The new manager needs to come in and everyone needs to get behind him in training for him and Chelsea to be successful and there’s no reason why we can’t be with the talent in his squad."


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