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  • By Alessandro Schiavone

Nacer Chadli (Exclusive): I don't want Arsenal to win the league but in the event of a 95th minute penalty for Spurs against Man City tonight I'd try and convert it

Exclusive Interview by Alessandro Schiavone

Capital Football exclusively spoke to Tottenham Hotspur and Belgian legend Nacer Chadli ahead of the Lilywhites' blockbuster clash with Manchester City.

On what Tottenham mean to him: "It's the biggest club I've played for. I had a magnificent few years here. We had a very good team at the time and fantastic moments together on and off the pitch. I am proud to see familiar faces again [Chadli was

invited by the club and caught up with Son Heung-Min and people working at the club after the win over Burnley], people who are still here. Wearing Tottenham's shirt was a great source of pride."

Many great games, wonderful goals and wins. But do you have regrets? Maybe the season Leicester won the Premier League in 2016 as you had the team to win it that year?

"Yes, those are regrets because we could have pushed hoping Leicester would slip up. That season we lost the title when we played Chelsea."

What do you make of Tottenham today? Is it a rather positive or negative season? They look set to finish in respectable fifth. And that without Kane which many would have taken before a ball was kicked this season. Yet on the other hand, missing out on the top-four after such a promising start before the team fell flat on its face in the last two months... that may take the gloss off the hard work and a bit. What's your take on it?

"I think it's [still] a positive season because Tottenham have shown many positive things under the new manager. He implemented his style of play, bringing in lots of new players. But in the Premier League it's never easy to keep up that level of performance throughout an entire campaign. That said, Tottenham have solid foundations and can be vying for the top-four next season."

What about potentially playing in Europa League and NOT in Champions League?

"The Europa League is a good competition for now but next season they can push on and go for the top-four. Tottenham have tons of quality and despite the fact they didn't shine they managed to beat Burnley who were forced to win."

What do you think of Ange Postecoglou's work?

"I think Postecoglou is an excellent coach who has done many good things since his arrival. I feel that Tottenham's game is a lot more dynamic now, there's a lot less back-passing, the central defenders push forward. And pressing high up the pitch makes a huge difference when you have to win the ball back. I think Tottenham are heading in the right direction."

But some say he should be more pragmatic and adapt his game plan to the oppostion at time. It's often "our way or the highway".... thoughts?

"I think that's positive because it shows that the club is evolving, the mentality of the players has improved. No matter who we face, we'll do it with our own style of play. Having this confidence and identity is huge."

Beating Man City today could be a double edged sword... should Tottenham go for it and potentially hand the title to bitter rivals Arsenal or down tools as the fans demand?

"As a footballer you always have to play to your strengths and be competitive. Maybe the fans think otherwise and I personally also don't want Arsenal to win. But in the event of a penalty in the 95th minute which could give is the win or draw, I'd try to score (he smiles). Tottenham are a great team and at home they can always beat Man City who are on a great run right now. They have to find ways to stop them... even if I don't know what is crossing the players' minds. If Tottenham fans will support Man City and Arsenal fans root for Spurs? I think so."


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