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  • By Alessandro Schiavone

Exclusive! Lloris on Conte sacking, injury and trophyless Spurs career

Hugo Lloris has exclusively spoken to Capital Football after Tottenham Hotspur's 1-1 draw at Everton. The French 2018 World champion insisted that he and his teammates will do whatever they can to finish in the top-four as he reflected on the "frustrating" injury that saw him miss, among others' the Champions League double-header against AC Milan.

Hugo, Conte’s sacking is still fresh. Can you give us an insight into how the team reacted following his bitter sacking?


“The truth? It happened during the international break and most of the players were away with their countries. Their goal was focusing on the friendly games and the qualifiers for the next Euros. But I noticed that upon their return, everyone was ready to work and help out. We all want to improve the situation. There were 10 games to play, now we got nine. We have to give it our all, with the hope to finish the season strongly. We know it will be tough (to finish in the top-four) but it won’t be easy for our rivals as well.”


What was it like to be sidelined for two months? You must have been itching to face AC Milan, the club you were close to joining back in 2008 when at Nice…


“An injury is never nice, it was frustrating because I couldn’t help the team at an important time with great games to play in the Premier League, FA Cup or Champions League. But it’s part and parcel of a season. Now I am back and I want to help my team to finish the season strongly.”


You are a France and Tottenham legend: would it be a regret for someone like you to leave Spurs one day without having won a single trophy?


"Look, the most important thing is to give everything and see where that leads us. That said, success and trophies don’t just fall on the shoulders of one player, it depends… on the club. But okay, we are there with nine games to play for and finish the season as best we can.”


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