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  • By Alessandro Schiavone

Exclusive Bernardo Silva: "Arsenal? It's not easy to face Manchester City..."

Exclusive by Alessandro Schiavone at Etihad

Bernardo Silva admitted that it's "not easy" for any side to come up against Manchester City.

League leaders Arsenal were torn apart 4-1 against Pep Guardiola's champions-elect on Wednesday night as they barely gained a foothold in the game.

Man City, who have played two games fewer, can claim top spot with a win at Fulham today.

And after making a mockery of the Gunners, the Portuguese midfielder showed compassion to Mikel Arteta's team, telling Capital Football: " The win puts us in a very good position to win the Premier League.

"It' not over yet but it was a brilliant victory. We are very happy with our performance against Arsenal.

"Arsenal's performance? I can't say... but it's not easy to play against Manchester City.

" It's a good moment for us, we are consistent, defend well and create a flurry of chances.

"It's not easy to play at the Etihad.

"And on top of that it wasn't easy for them as they've come here on the back of drawing 2-3 games.

"But we focus on ourselves and are very happy with our game.

" There are many games to go but we're in a great position to win this Premier League."


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