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  • By Yann Tear

Millwall boss Neil Harris offers glowing assessment of Scott Parker's Fulham

Sometimes, it is the opposing manger who best sums up the worth of a team.

Millwall suffered death by a thousand passes at Craven Cottage on Tuesday night. A 4-0 drubbing was the perhaps inevitable consequence of a ridiculously lopsided contest in which the Whites hogged an astonishing 85 per cent of possession.

"Is that all?" quipped Lions boss Neil Harris.

There was no point in Harris berating his players after such a chastening defeat and he generously acknowledged that his side had been trounced by a team that maybe have no business being in the Championship.

"Congratulations to Fulham. I thought they were magnificent tonight," he said.

"Certainly the best performance I've seen probably since Wolves got 100 points a couple of years ago to go up. Fulham fans will watch that tonight and think: 'What are we doing in this division?' We should be in the Premier League.'

"As good as they were, I thought we gave them a bit of a leg-up at times - the last two goals we gave the ball back to them cheaply and we have to be better than that. We got punished.

"But I won't judge my players on tonight's performance or tonight's result against a top Fulham side. There will be a lot of teams that come here this season and get beaten like we did.

"They caused us the most problems as a team than anyone other than probably Tottenham in the FA Cup quarter-final during my time in charge."

Parker needed only sit back and look humble. His players, and Harris, did the talking for him.

"Probably the most pleasing thing, sitting here as a coach is, after all the work that's gone the past 10 weeks in pre-season, seeing the team execute. Full credit to the players. They've been superb. Momentum's with us. That's three on the bounce now and obviously confidence is high and long may that continue."

Expectations too. With Harris having done his bit to ensure that.

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