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  • By Yann Tear

History-maker Pochettino has sights on breaking glass ceiling of Tottenham's image

Mauricio Pochettino believes Tottenham can totally change the way the club is viewed by winning in Madrid in three weeks’ time.

Spurs have already made history by reaching the Champions League final for the first time, but the Tottenham boss has his sights on making an even bigger mark on the club’s status.

“We have made history but if we win we are going to change the perception of this amazing club,” said Pochettino after Sunday’s 2-2 home draw which wrapped up the Premier League season.

“Now with three weeks to prepare for the final [against Liverpool] – it’s time to enjoy. Of course we are going to be in Madrid to try to win, but it’s a time to enjoy, to be professional, prepare the final in the best way.

“We need to go there to try to win, not to play the final. There’s only one result that we need to put in our mind and that’s win, win or win."

The Argentinian added: “We have our idea, we have our plan. We design our plan. Of course we need to be natural. It’s not going to be a pre-season, but it’s not going to be a holiday.

“We have a clear idea in our mind how we are going to work in the next three weeks. The most important thing is that we apply common sense and we have a plan for the players to arrive in the best condition to try to win the final.

“The players have Monday and Tuesday off, then we start to work.”

Pochettino joined the players in a farewell lap of the stadium after the match to soak up the applause. He says his team deserve all the plaudits after what he says is his best season yet at the club.

“I want to congratulate my players because they are super heroes and I am so proud in the way that they behaved professionally,” he said.

“What they have achieved in five years – four Champions League qualifications and the cherry is to play in the final of the Champions League - I think this group pf players deserves full credit. It was unbelievable the effort they were doing. I think there are many, many positives.

“This group pf players and the character we showed this season. We broke down all the doors. The circumstances were always against us. We had the capacity to fight and we feel so proud.

“I think this was our best season after five years and I am so happy to realise what we achieved today.

“A lot of situations happened during the season where it was easy to give up, but it was our strength to fight.”

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