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  • By Rahman Osman

Things we have learnt about Spurs after 3-1 home defeat to Aston Villa

Rahman Osman gives his verdict on Spurs’ final home game of the season - a 3-1 home defeat to Aston Villa

Tottenham were booed off the pitch by their returning fans after a Sergio Reguilon own goal and a smart finish from Ollie Watkins gave Villa all three points on the day and dented Spurs’ European hopes.

Steven Bergwijn had given Spurs the lead, but all came crushing down afterwards and they just could not find the performance that would give them the win they do desired.

Where do they go from here? Here are a few suggestions:

Stephen Bergwijn feeds off the fans:

Stephen Bergwijn scored his first goal of the season against Villa, bringing an end to a draught that lasted 23 games and stretching back to June 2020 when he scored against Manchester United here.

He’s one with huge potential depending was supposed to herald the new Tottenham, he arrived in north London and had a special debut, scoring against Manchester City and raising hopes that he wouldn’t need time to adapt to the Premier League but since then, he only managed just two goals until today.

All his four league goals for the club have also come at home, he’ll need to find a way of scoring away from home and the weekend’s game against Leicester could be a good start. He started brightly here but again faded away as the game travelled on, needs to find both the consistency and energy if he’s to succeed in north London.

He’s obviously gifted and under the right manager will be a massive player for this club but it’s all still up in the air, Bergwijn has to improve his finishing and over all contribution while Tottenham have to find a manager who can unearth his talent.

Tottenham need a defensive overhaul:

One of Jose Mourinho’s Achilles’s heel was his ability to sort out this leaking defence. Dier loves the club and will put his head where most will not dare to put their legs but he’s full of mistakes.

He’s got the passion for the club and wants to help out but he’s just not got the ability to do it again week in week out. He will have a good patch here and there, but he just doesn’t look like the defender that can lead them into Europe while Toby Alderweirald is 32, might still be the best amongst the defenders they have but he also is up there with mistakes in every game.

He’s tried but it’s not just coming off for him again- he could still be a useful squad player but if they are to return to the Champions League, they will need someone younger, fitter and some fire in the belly.

Tanganga’s injury a huge concern:

Tanganga started today’s game on fire. His second successive start under Mason.

At a time when most of his teammates have been underperforming and making mistakes, Tanganga has stood out, he’s been massive here, won every single dual against El Ghazi, has so much power when running down the lane and the fans showed their appreciation for his application. Unfortunate to have been stretched off after coming out worse following a tussle with El Ghazi late on, hopefully it’s not as bad as first feared.

Spurs must break the bank for Grealish:

It’s obvious that Tottenham need a player to replace the departed Christian Erikson, that player is Grealish, he moves the ball so effortlessly, controls games like no other player in the Premier League and has the ability to split defence even before touching the ball.

He will not come cheap but if Tottenham want a game changing player, then Grealish is their man, showed enough to be the player that can make the difference between a Europa League place and the Champions League position.


May 20, 2021

Mr Osman

check your facts before you press send, spurs game finished 2-1 to Villa this score must have been the Palace game v arsenal that was 3-1


Sigurd Bjørhovde
Sigurd Bjørhovde
May 20, 2021

Did not see the game? 3-1?? Which game was that....?


May 20, 2021

Well they only lost 1-2 to start..........


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