• by Yann Tear at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Spurs are shown no respect, fumes Mourinho after handball controversy robs his side of win

By Yann Tear

Sometimes, the silence tells you everything.

It is doubtful that Jose Mourinho will remain mute for long about the dismal decision which robbed his side of victory over Newcastle United on Sunday afternoon. But in the immediate aftermath, the Spurs boss chose to keep mum. Sort of.

Instead of an overt reference to the controversial decision to award an injury time penalty to the Magpies after a retrospective VAR call, Mourinho opted to make a cryptic reference to Tottenham being shown a lack of respect.

It was a pointless smokescreen. The inference was that he did not think much of the officials' decision to penalise Eric Dyer after Andy Carroll's header had brushed an arm. The Spurs defender was in close attendance and not even looking at the ball. His arm seemed to be behind his body.

It carried the echoes of the awful decision to penalise Crystal Palace's Joel Ward in similar circumstances 24 hours earlier.

"I don't want to speak about it," said the Tottenham boss, who stormed off down the tunnel before the end of the match and whose coach, Nuno Santo, was shown a red card by referee Peter Bankes, for protesting after the final whistle.

"The only feeling I'm ready to share is that I don't feel that Tottenham is respected, according to what the club is, as a club. No respect.

It's just my feeling. It's the third club that I manage in the country. I'm so happy, so proud every day. I wouldn't change it for anything...for any other job in the world. But I feel it. The club deserves more respect with everything they did over the years. We deserve a bit more.

"Fantastic performance. Deserved the points, clearly. I'm very happy with my team. The most important feeling is towards my players and they were very good. We played very well.