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Conte sees big change in Spurs from the side which had 'zero chance' against Chelsea last year

Antonio Conte believes Tottenham’s draw at Stamford Bridge was a clear sign of progress after last season’s four defeats to the Blues.

Harry Kane’s late, late goal salvaged a 2-2 draw and the result showed the team the Italian is building has some personality.

They were very much second best but managed to hang in there to grab a point.

“Last season for us was really tough, because we lost three [Four] times against them. I think today was another difficult game for us,” said the Spurs boss.

“Two years ago, Chelsea won the Champions League. Last season they won the World Cup for clubs, were in the final of the FA Cup, final of the Carabao, third place and they are making a big investment.

“It’s normal that there is a difference between us and them, but at the same time I think we are working to try to reduce this gap.”

Conte added: “Today was a difficult game. I think today with the ball we could do much better, but at the same time, it was good for the spirit, it was good for the personality to stay in the game. We conceded two goals and for sure we have to improve.

“But in only eight months, I think we did a lot of steps with these players. I enjoy a lot to work with them.

“Last season I was really frustrated because in three games I think we showed zero per cent of possibility to get a result with Chelsea. Now we played the game with a different confidence.

“I think we have to improve a lot because there is still a difference between us and them. When you win and lift a trophy, you use it to do this and you have another confidence.

“Today Chelsea were really concentrated to play us. They played a good game, but I think this time they found a tough opponent.”

Many of the headlines will be taken by the spat between Conte and Thomas Tuchel at full-time which earned both coaches a red card. But Conte said: “For me it’s not a problem. The most important thing is always the game and the way the two teams played and if something outside happens, it’s not important.”


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