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  • By Yann Tear

Result is no cause for panic measures, says Pochettino after Spurs' 7-2 Bayern mauling

Mauricio Pochettino vowed not to rush into making any rash moves following Tottenham's Tuesday night thrashing at the hands of Bayern Munich.

Privately, he must worry that there might be lasting damage after the 7-2 drubbing – the heaviest ever competitive home loss for Spurs. But he says his aim in the coming days will be to calmly look at what went wrong.

The Tottenham boss was asked in his post-match press conference whether the loss just a freak result or a sign of a deeper malaise which threatens to blow his team off course and undo the progress made last year.

Pochettino preferred to remember the positive signs from a good first half for his team, when few would have predicted the carnage that was to come. It was 1-1 until the final seconds of the first half.

“They were really clinical in front of goal, and the second goal [for Bayern] arrived in a moment that was crucial and a big impact for us,” the Spurs boss said.

“The last action, to concede the second goal in the first half after playing a really good first half and very good first 30 minutes [was tough] - The team was playing so well and no one expected what happened in the second half.

"The feeling in the last 10 minutes of the game when we conceded three goals, it's like the team was tired or giving up a little bit. But until 83 minutes, the team was alive. The team was fighting.”

Pochettino continued: “It's difficult to talk now to the players. I say nothing. I think now is the time to stay all together. We cannot talk now because we need to be calm first. After that we are going to talk more, but not today.

“We feel very disappointed. The feelings, of course are not so good. But we are not going you are not going to fix anything by shouting.

“The most important thing is to move on in this type of situation – trying to give solutions to the players. But the important thing now is no rush analysis or assessment.”

The Spurs boss added: “It was a little bit a strange game and a little bit unlucky for us.

“This type of situation happens and you need to show your quality like a man first. You need to show how strong you are as a person, to be strong all together and bounce back.

“After 30 minutes or after the first half, it was my best feeling managing the team this season. That is so difficult to accept how after in the second half changed that feeling.”

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