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  • By Charlie Stong

Wenger is harming Arsenal, not helping them as they stumble to 2-1 defeat at Brighton

Photo by Charlie Stong

A while back I said the longer Arsene Wenger stays at Arsenal the more he risks people remembering him not for the fantastic first decade but for the dreadful second one.

We may now have reached that point.

I do not question Arsene’s love for the club, but by hanging on at the helm when it is clear he no longer has the ability to motivate his players, he can only further harm the club.

Jamie Caragher said on Thursday night this is rock bottom, and in terms of Wenger’s tenure, that is the only conclusion you can reach.

No longer are the voices of the diehard Wenger fans being heard. No longer are any of his former players sticking by him. Yes they may be suggesting he departs with an almost apologetic tone, but nobody seems to think he should stay any longer - apart from Wenger himself, and Stan Kroenke.

There’s also a different feel around the Emirates this season, unlike the lead-up to the end of the last campaign. Then there were two factions - Wenger in and Wenger out, causing a toxic atmosphere.

Now there is just resignation. Resignation that we will probably lose again, whoever the opponents. Unfortunately the only resignation that maters doesn’t seem to be forthcoming.

In previous seasons I have blamed the board more than Wenger. But this year Arsene has been allowed to break the club’s transfer record not once but twice - and we’ve gone backwards.

If Wenger is in charge next season and the mood around the club doesn’t change, we’ll be mid-table at best. Who knows, maybe we’ll even be fighting relegation. If you think that’s a foolish thing to say, then I would ask you on what evidence are you basing your argument.

I’ve been watching Arsenal since 1986 and am constantly told how lucky I am. The past 30 years, on the whole, have been very successful. But this is as bad as I can remember things. Even in the final years of the George Graham era, when we were struggling to reach mid-table, we were winning European and domestic trophies.

We will not win a European trophy this year to salvage this season. I just cannot see where our next draw - let alone win - is coming from.

I didn’t see the game today so I can’ really comment. But another defeat is another defeat. The team are no longer capable of playing for Wenger and he is no longer capable of getting them up for the fight.

If he loves the club as much as he says he does then there’s only one course of action to take.

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