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  • By Charlie Stong

A night to rejoice as Arsenal smash the Toffeemen 5-1 at the Emirates

Arsenal 5 Everton 1

If we're going to get into the top four, it might have to be the Kevin Keegan way.

The Arsenal frontline were so good tonight that if they wanted to they probably could have scored seven or eight, but against better sides, and specifically away from home, we might have to do that considering our defensive displays of late.

But enough of that, this is a night to rejoice. Few teams could have lived with us in the first half this evening. Mkhitaryan was superb - always looking for the ball, creating chance after chance and maybe best of all, an Arsenal player willing to have a shot from outside the box.

There was a debut goal from Aubameyang - yes it was miles offside, but the dinked finish was cool and the sign of someone who knows where the goal is.

Wenger’s decision to play Iwobi yet again was maybe the only negative of this evening. I have been watching the Arse since 1986 and I honestly don't remember a player who gives the ball away more often. Even when he seemed to be playing deeper, almost in the left back position on many occasions in the second half, he was trying flicks and dummies which more often than not turned to you know what.

It would have been great to see Lacazette playing instead of Iwobi - and the dream front four operating together. But Arsene’s outright refusal to play two strikers continued, and that can only be a worry for Lacazette.

Many Gooners have been hard on Lacazette so far in his career, but it's clear to me if he gets the chances he will score. The problem so far has been service. You can’t score if you don't get the chances. I actually think his return in this particular season, all things considered, hasn't been that bad - and I think he's another who has an instinctive knack for goal.

I think now is the time for playing two up front. You cannot have two strikers as good as Aubameyang and Lacazette and not play them both. With Mkhitaryan and Ozil supplying, that front line could soon be irresistible.

Great night for Aaron tonight, showing just what he's capable of. We can only hope that Arsene can see that, if he is still the manager in the summer, the defence needs dramatic improvement before that front line can fire us to the title again.

On commentary Martin Keown said it felt like a new beginning today and it certainly did. Almost like that day back in 1996 when a tall, lanky kid called Patrick Vieira came off the bench to make his debut against Sheffield Wednesday.

We weren't the finished article that night, and we are far, far from it tonight, but there was an optimism in the air not a million miles away from them feeling right now.

Lots to do at the back still, but already there's a big mood change. Things could soon been fun again.

And it’s always nice to send Fat Sam home miserable too.

Next up Spuds. Up the Arse

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