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Spurs boss Skinner on 2-1 win at Manchester City: Spencer pulled off some unbelievable saves

By Football Reporter

Spurs’ smash and grab 2-1 win at Manchester City wasn’t without controversy as the own goal by Karima Benameur Taieb appeared to have resulted from a hand ball by a Spurs player, but boss Rehanne Skinner preferred to focus on other matters.

She said: “I am really proud of them [the players]. When you go into games like this you have to be prepared to do the hard yards, you've got to stay in the game and be really disciplined and organised, frustrate the team, make them give you the ball.

"And I think for us, that was our intent, to make it really, really difficult. In order to get points and results in this league against teams that are in the top three ordinarily, we've got to go about it in a really diligent, dogged manner and we did that today.

”We knew if we got that right that we'd definitely create chances for ourselves. We did that and we were able to take them which was fantastic.

"Goalie Rebecca Spence was fantastic, she has pulled off some unbelievable saves and she's just got a real composure behind the back line as well."


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