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  • By Alessandro Schiavone

Rayyan Kolli: "Swansea's goal was handball, it should NOT have counted. But QPR still eye promotion"

Exclusive by Alessandro Schiavone

QPR youngster Rayan Kolli thinks that sealing promotion back to the Premier League is doable for the Hoops. 


And that despite their league table making for a grim reading. 


Gareth Ainsworth’s men plunged to 20th in the table after their 1-1 home draw against Swansea on Tuesday night. 


But right winger Kolli told Capital Football: “We are always positive even after a loss, you know?  


“The gaffer is always telling us that we can win games and that we’re a play-off team. Especially with the way we play, if we start taking our chances and we get luck on our side, I don’t see why not. We have the players to get promoted.” 


QPR were the dominant side against the Welsh, yet had to rely on a 92nd minute equaliser by Lyndon Dykes to scrape a 1-1 draw following a Swansea opening goal that should have been scraped.

Kolli said: “In my eyes I think it was two dropped [points] to be honest. It was a lucky goal on their half, it was a handball. So I don’t think the scoreline really  reflected the way we played.” 


But the 18-year old feels that the goal could have been avoided with a bit more vigilance.

He said: “First of all you got to be able to stop the cross. That’s the first thing. If the cross doesn’t get put into the box then there’s no danger but at the end of the day it’s a handball, it shouldn’t be allowed.

"Their goal shouldn’t have stood and we managed to score at the end. It should have been a 1-0 game.” 


“I just feel we deserved more from that game. That’s about it and that’s all I really have to say.” 


QPR have only won two games all season which he puts down to a lack of good fortune, feeling that their application and desire cannot be faulted. 


Ahead of their trip to Birmingham, he said: “I think it is just luck, you know? We gave everything that we had, the boys ran their socks off.

"We always put in 100%, every single time.  

“So I don’t think it is the way we play really because we have so many chances, we create chances. It’s just down to luck really."

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