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Mads is mad for the fans and also reckons Bees can get into Europe next season

By Paul Lagan at Stamford Bridge

Brentford has shown that while they revel in their single bus stop status, they have greater ambitions to be global travellers when it comes to their football ambitions.

The Bees did a job on Chelsea on Wednesday night - winning 2-0 at Stamford Bridge to reignite their European target for next season.

It's something not lost on their ever impressive right-back Mads Roerslev.

The Danish U21 defender said of the prospect: "We hope we will, 100 per cent. So obviously we know we have to win a lot of games to achieve that. To know that also our opponent [rival] will win some games too - so it’s going to be really tough, but we believe we can do than and will strive to do that."

The 23-year-old is loving his time in west London and rightly pleased about beating Chelsea.

He said: "We played a good game. We cant’ be unhappy about the result, and pretty pleased about the performance as well."

He knew Chelsea were under pressure, but was prepared by coach Thomas Frank and his team to be ready.

He said: "I think in some parts of the game, you could see that Chelsea were a bit low in confidence. But obviously we still have to respect the players that they have. On their day they a team that can basically beat anyone. Like so many of the other big teams.

"We were prepared for everything, but obviously we have seen how they are performing, but it can change on the day.

" Look how they played the other day. A really good game against Real Madrid, so that’s the level, that they have."

The Bees form has not been great of late But the full-back believes the season is coming alive for them now.

"We had a really good run," he said.

"II think it was 13 games or something unbeaten. Then we had a little tough time when we were a bit unlucky in some of the games. But our performances dropped a little bit for a few games. So I guess that means we are even more satisfied for this win."

Could Chelsea Brentford become the major west London rivalry?

He said: "I think we have a little thing with Fulham as well after QPR. QPR are the number one rival, Fulham is up there, maybe Chelsea are third. We have been really good against them so I don’t know really."

The right back has played more than 60 games for the Bees since signing from Copenhagen via a couple of loans and is happy with his performances, but wants more.

He said: "Obviously I have played a lot of the big games and obviously as a player I want to play all the time, so I’m happy with a lot of the results that we have got, but I want to achieve more game time. 100 per cent I want to play all the time."

So how does he do that?

"It about showing them [management team] I’m the better one," he said.

"So it’s about working hard, and showing well in training and performing in games. Then get into the head of the coach that he prefers me to the other one."

His growing reputation means that so-called big clubs are keeping a beady eye on him.

With Reece James out for the season and having increasing injuries, would the prospect of changing Tubes at Earls Court from Gunnersbury and heading Fulham Broadway appeal?

"I don’t know about that," he said.

"Yeah I haven’t thought that way, but obviously it something to consider. I’m really happy at Brentford and have just renewed my contract with them - three and a half more years. So the things we are doing in Brentford is really good. In the future I’m really looking forward to, seeing what we are going to achieve."

The Brentford fans were in raptures after the win at Chelsea and that's something he understands and loves.

He said: "It’s just amazing. They have always been there and the thing about our fans is that they turn up everywhere.

"You can see it in fans’ faces when magic days like this happen. Like when we beat Man City which you can’t expect. But we know we have a chance to do it. So we see they joy that it brings to the fans’ faces, we are just so happy to give back because they give every time at home and away."

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