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Ainsworth keen to forge a new QPR identity for next season, with 'big changes' needed

Gareth Ainsworth says today's 2-0 defeat to Bristol City in the final Championship fixture of the season underlines the task ahead as he looks to rebuild the club.

Rangers were once more well short of the standards they will need if they are to avoid a repeat of this season's travails when it all begins again in August, but the QPR boss is confident he can turn things around at Loftus Road.

Ainsworth said, after the loss to the Robins: "It was after the Lord Mayor's Show, almost. The boys really didn't perform as they have been doing in the last couple of games.

"It just hits home and gives me more evidence of what I need to do in the summer.

"There's some big changes that need to happen here. We've been poor at home and I wanted to give 17,000 fans something to shout about.

"I think we've got some big changes in the summer."

Ainsworth continued: "For these QPR fans, you've got to be crawling off the pitch at the end of the game. I was really expecting a bit more today but Bristol are a good side and we we've stuttered and stopped over the season and it's been a tough year.

"The only aim was to keep this club in the Championship when I came and I'm glad we achieved it last week, but as a football manager, you want to win every game and I'm disappointed at the end of the game.

"I've got to sort my squad out, sort the changes out. I want a proper team that reflects the way I am, the way I manage and the way I want things done next season and I aim to do that.

"I'm pretty sure there will be a lot comings and goings throughout the summer. This club is not the one it used to be that went out and spent millions of pounds on players and paid them too much - it's just not that club any more and I wouldn't have the job if it was.

"I want to be here to sort things out and I'll do my best to do that. It's going to be tough without a shadow of doubt in the coming seasons, but given the backing and with the right characters here, the right players, getting them fit and getting them an identity, with commitment and passion for the cause, we all think [everything] can be upped."

The Hoops boss added: "I had a group of boys who were on the floor, where morale was shot and they didn't have any identity at all. They were all over the place, so coming here and keeping them in the Championship, I'm very proud of.

"Many people wrote us off, but hopefully next season we can not be in the same situation we have been in this year. The passions' in me, the excitement's in me. I'm a little bit frazzled at the moment after the 12 games that I've had, but I aim to make those big changes in the summer."


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