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Hayes on her unsung hero Sophie Ingle: She should be the first name on Phil Neville's Olympic sh

Sophie Ingle

Emma Hayes reckons that if Chelsea midfielder Sophie Ingle was English she would be lauded as one of the very best.

Asked about the Wales skippers performances for the Blues, and Hayes is gushing in her praise and has suggested that she should be in the Olympic side at next summer's tournament.

“She is such an unsung hero,” said Hayes.

“If I was Phil Neville (manger of the Olympic squad), she would one of the first on my sheet, going to the Olympics.

“She does not get half the credit she deserves because she is not English. If she was English, she would be lauded.

“I think that talking about an Olympics next summer, there is no one better to take who can play centre-back, in front of your midfield, she could play full-back with her eyes shut – she is that good tactically.

“I thought she drove the team all day and I hope we can match those performances so that she does go to the Olympics.

“She is a coach's player. We prepared for what United brought to the game and Sophie had to play a key part – but she still had to execute it and she did it.”

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