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Hayes: I have Bright and Eriksson - how unlucky is Thorisdottir?

Millie Bright Photo by Jane Grove

Picture of Millie Bright by Jane Grove There is a toughness and togetherness about Chelsea this season - a desire to win and support each other.

That is reflected in the attitude manager Emma Hayes has for her players.

She is consistent and unambiguous about her demands from them - and so far this season, the players have responded.

She said: “I am blessed and privileged to coach amazing people that are recruited on the basis on that character.

“So I never doubt my team. I can’t control results, but I can influence performances. More often than not they perform for me because of the people they are.

“From last season, we have learnt how we can lose the season at the beginning - but you don’t necessarily win it.

“We are not out of the title race which at this time last year we were - that’s the only difference.

“We have dropped two points at Brighton but know we have to beat everyone (to win the title).”

Hayes’ substitutes Maria Thorisdottir and Ramona Bachmann provided the killer plays that saw the Blues come from behind to beat Arsenal 2-1 - Thorisdottir scoring the late winner.

Hayes has nothing but praise for the duo.”If you get it right, you are a unbelievable manager, get it wrong a pile of shite. So I got it right against Arsenal - you have to get it more right than not, more often.

“I believe in training behaviours and consistency. if Thorisdottir is doing that a every day of the week I know she can do it in a Sunday. If she doesn’t do that in training, I’m less likely to put her in the game.

And that is the message that is clear in my squad.”

Defender Thorisdottir cannot unseat her central defensive team-mates and may have to change her position to get into the side.

“I have Magda Eriksson and Millie Bright at the back - how unlucky is Thorisdottir,” said Hayes.

“She is an unbelievable player kept out by two unbelievable players.

“So she is going to have to adapt if she is going to get in to the team. That is not unusual. If you watch her in training, she smashes this type of goal all the time.

“She is a winner - like Ramona.”

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