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  • By Paul Lagan

Opening day Premier League fixtures

Chelsea travel up to Old Trafford, West Ham take on the champions - yep, it's opening Premier League fixture time.

Here are the first games in full.

9 Aug Liverpool v Norwich City 20:00 BST

10 Aug West Ham v Manchester City 12:30 BST

10 Aug Bournemouth v Sheffield United 15:00 BST

10 Aug Burnley v Southampton 15:00 BST

10 Aug Crystal Palace v Everton 15:00 BST

10 Aug Leicester City v Wolves 15:00 BST

10 Aug Watford v Brighton 15:00 BST

10 Aug Tottenham v Aston Villa 17:30 BST

11 Aug Newcastle United v Arsenal 14:00 BST

11 Aug Manchester United v Chelsea 16:30 BST

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