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  • By Paul Lagan

Mourinho: I have made mistakes in football - I will make more

Jose Mourinho Photo by Paul Lagan

Jose Mourinho was in a contrite mood after the game.

He said of the incident: “It was bad education, but I also made mistakes in football matches and I will make more so when he came to me after the game to apolgise I accepted his apologies. Maurizio saw and told that he would take care of it internally and to accept his apologies which I did but then the young fellow come and apologised, I told him I accept, I did mistakes when I was your age and try to improve.”

Mourinho said of the six added minutes: “I am surprised because it is one of the things that always depends on refs criteria and sometimes we don't understand why it is six or seven minutes. Lots of people defend the real time, stop the watch.

“But one day you win or lose in the last seconds.”

Mourinho was very happy with his team’s performance:

“Everything pleased me,” he said.

“I think what I call the Chelsea triggers, we controlled them, and the reality is we conceded two goals from set-pieces, not in organised play.

“We control that very very well and we put lots of feet in the last third in the first-half, in the second half we managed to transform that in occasions, in goals, in ambition, in faithful play, with good intensity, good passing, good quality, so I think we deserve much more than this result but this is what it is.”

Of the first goal conceded he said: “My feelings is that we work on the pitch, on the analysis, we work on the preparation, we defend mixed, so some of the players are in the zone and some of the other players have individual opponents.

Every player knows exactly the zone, the man but sometimes the opponent is better than us and in this case, the first goal, Antonio Rudiger was really strong in the movement and efficient in his header.

Paul Pogba should have being marking Rudiger, but Mourinho was in generous a mood.

“Players make mistakes and I prefer to focus on the global performance, my midfield was very good, Paul was good, Matic was good, Mata was good, Ander Herrera was also in the game, these three attacking players worked a lot.

The team did a fantastic work, so I will try to focus on the level of the performance and forget the bad result.”

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