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  • By Charlie Stong

Wembley, Wembley...

Photo by Paul Lagan

Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1 (2-1 agg): Wembley, Wembley.

She wore, she wore, she wore a yellow ribbon, she wore a yellow ribbon in the merry month of…February!

So another trip to Wembley – a proper trip to Wembley, Spurs. And it was thoroughly deserved tonight.

It was a bit of a strange game. Apart from the occasional scare from Hazard, we were not really troubled, and when we got to half-time level, having played that poorly in the first half, we always had a chance. We couldn’t play that poorly in the second half - and we didn’t.

The difference tonight was this was a team that appeared to play for each other. Whether tonight’s result – and the demolition of Palace at the weekend – had anything to do with the fact that the Alexis saga was over is difficult to say, but it’s a bit of a coincidence, isn’t it?

As Arsene said in his post-match interview, we’ve lost a great player, but it is a relief that that episode is over now. Let’s hope for more good transfer news in the last week of January.

In the second half we were much better. Tighter at the back and compact in midfield. Yes we had a bit of luck – a more comical own goal you’re unlikely to see, but we deserved the win. We should, in fact, have had at least one more goal, but Iwobi just couldn’t finish when clean through.

OK, so it’s only the league cup and we haven’t won anything yet, but we’re in another final. And there are plenty of teams who are not in the middle of such an apparently big crisis who would swap places with us.

We’re the famous Arsenal, and we’re going to Wembley.

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