• By Paul Lagan

Chelsea boss Hayes: Premier League should take control of the WSL

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes believes that the FA should hand over the running of the Women’s Super League to the Premier League and that they should pump in millions of pounds to develop the women’s game even further.

The Chelsea coach, speaking after her side lost 1-0 to Manchester City Women this afternoon in the semi-final of the Continental Tyres said: “I’m looking forward for more professionalism in the game. Because you will get more games like this week in and week out. And that’s why we had 2,500 people coming out, because the product is improving. And the only way the product can improve is if you have high-quality training environments and they are full-time. And that’s when, commercially it improves.”

But when asked how that can be done when some existing clubs can’t afford to go full-time, she made the revelation: “Well, I’m probably about to take a fine from the club for this,” she said.

“But I hope one day the Premier League takes it. Then they will give everyone a £1million and then we won’t be having that conversation.

“I think it’s about time there is more investment into clubs, and I think, my hope, is one day that clubs will be in a position where we can receive the millions that the Premier League hand out and that women’s clubs should be receiving them.”