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  • By Alessandro Schiavone

Leno (Exclusive): Fulham play well and don't reap the rewards: it happens all the time. And I should have done better with Assignon's cross

Exclusive by Alessandro Schiavone

Fulham goalkeeper Bernd Leno spoke exclusively to Capital Football. The German star reflected on the bitter 2-2 draw at Turf Moor and admits he should have done better with Lorenz Assignon's floating cross which led to David Fofana pulling one back and the Cottagers ending up not winning the game at Burnley.

On why things unravelled after a dream start to the game: "I think we controlled the game. In the second half we lost control and then with the fans and all the stuff they had the momentum. Unfortunately they scored after another counter-attack the 2-2..."

Having led for so long and wasted good chances to make it 3-0 with Willian, Tosin and Muniz... does the draw feel like a defeat in the end? "It feels like a defeat. It feels like we lost two points because as I said for 70 minutes we controlled the game. It happened already many times that we played well but didn't reward ourselves. More was possible and we had to win that game in Burnley! We should have been more clever, more intelligent, score 2-3 goals and then that's finished..."

The first 15-20 mins of the second-half you could have put the game to bed. Burnley were retreating, gifting you lots of spaces and defending like rabbits in the headlights. Fulham clearly should have struck the iron while it was hot? "That was also our target. At half-time we said to ourselves to score another goal to kill and finish off the game but we didn't do. We all know how it is in the Premier League, especially away. When the opponent scores one goal, it's all the time like this. They still have 20-25 minutes to go, they keep pushing and all this stuff. We couldn't keep the ball out of the net and yeah it feels like a loss."

Should a goalkeeper of your quality have dealt better with Assignon's cross? "Yeah I think I should have done better. But 'guilty' is the wrong word, that's part of being a goalkeeper, part of my job and all this stuff. But I think I misjudged the ball a little bit. Maybe I was a little bit like, my position is a bit too much like a cutback, a low cross. And then with the wind the ball didn't stop in the air! I think I should have done better but as I said it's part of the job."


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