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Hodgson laments penalty award 'killing the game' which proved so costly for Eagles

By Yann Tear

Roy Hodgson says football is on a slippery slope with it's current obsession with punishing the most marginal of handling offences.

Last week, Palace profited from a dubious handball in a 3-1 win at Manchester United and the Eagles boss admitted then he thought the decision was wrong, even though his side benefited.

This time, his side were on the receiving end of a tough decision after ref Kevin Friend decided Joel Ward's touch merited a penalty - following an invitation by VAR to look at the decision again.

It resulted in the winning goal for the Toffees, whose 2-1 victory at Selhurst Park ended the Eagles' perfect start to the campaign.

"I really cannot understand how we have allowed this law to come into existence, which I think is killing the game," said the downcast Palace boss at full time.

"For me, it's completely unacceptable and I've got to be honest with you, it's certainly destroying my enjoyment of the game of football."

Hodgson added: "I predict what will happen is players will start flicking the ball on to a hand and screaming 'handball'

"A really good game destroyed by a decision. I do not believe in the rule. People in football find it hard to accept. The referee doesn't think it is handball either. He doesn't want to give it but has to because that's what he is told to do.

"We have lost in a way I find totally unacceptable.

"We played well. We can certainly feel aggrieved. Our performance was worthy of at least a point."


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