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  • By Yann Tear

Guardiola admits love affair with Wembley - and pride in legacy building for Man City after latest C

Pep Guardiola loves Wembley.

In the post-match press conference following yet another successful outing at the home of football for Man City's manager, it was suggested it might be time for him to acquire a Wembley tattoo to mark his affinity to the stadium.

As a player, he won the European Cup with Barcelona at the old stadium in 1992. As a manager, his Barca side swept Man United aside in the 2011 final. And he also fondly recalls a win against Arsenal at the old stadium when the Gunners played there in the season following Arsene Wenger's first total win in 1998.

Sunday's 2-1 win against Aston Villa made it three League Cup wins in a row for the proud Catalan, adding to his story of relentless success under the arch.

Throw in Community Shields, as Pep does, and last season's FA Cup trouncing of Watford, and the streak of wins stretches on and on.

It is the legacy he wants to leave behind above all else at Man City – a winning mentality and a desire to keep accumulating trophies.

“Of course I'm so pleased for myself, personally, but also for the club and the group of people I work with – and always I will be grateful to be part of that,” Guardiola said.

“It's incredible numbers. In a short time it's a lot of titles, so that means how tough we work and overcome tough situations. I'm so pleased, because I have a feeling every time it is more difficult to win the titles.

“The new Wembley, the old Wembley, I love the stadium. I like it. You can invite me whenever you want.- if you want I will be here.

“But my body won't accept tattoos. I'm not strong enough.”

Guardiola added: “What we would like to give to future generations of managers and players is this – what we have done helps to the club to know is that we did it so they have to do it.

“The people will demand every day to try to win games, to win titles, because this group of players have done it and that's the next step.

“It's a step that this club before never reached, and that is good. You see Sergio [Aguero] has won I think 13 titles since he came here and that is amazing. I think the legacy for the next strikers is coming. They are going to be compared with the highest standard of players, and that is good.

“It will be difficult but if you want to maintain this level with the big clubs in Europe and even in the Premier League, you need it. I think for the future that's very good news.”

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