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  • By Paul Lagan

Chelsea boss Lampard I'll make decisions on players in due course, they're not absolutely cl

Frank Lampard is happy with his players after coming back from pre-season matches in Japan and snatching a 4-3 win at Reading this afternoon.

Lampard said: "The work from the players and everything I have asked from them, they have done. We had two good trips. One to Dublin, which was purely work, and then to Japan to see the fans over there and have two tough games was also great for us.

"I’m pleased. The clock’s ticking though. There’s still work to be done before Manchester United."

Chelsea have two more matches before the trip to Old Trafford on August 11

Those decisions include who to bin from the squad and who to keep.

Lampard is close to his decision, but unwilling to let on - just yet.

“I wouldn’t say I’ve made decisions because that’s a line and I don’t want to draw it yet because in terms of selection for those early games and for what the squad looks like I hope there’s not a player there that hasn’t pushed," he said.

"But there are decisions I have to make. Without a doubt. I’ll make them in due course. They’re not absolutely clear."

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