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  • By Paul Lagan

Luiz: The players trust in what Sarri is doing - it’s amazing, unbelievable

David Luiz Photo by Paul Lagan

David Luiz is a straight talker and a firm believer in what head coach Maurizio Sarri is attempting to achieve at Chelsea. He admits that Arsenal were too good for them and deserved their 2-0 win on Saturday at the Emirates, that leaves the Blues just three points ahead of their north London rivals.

“It was a tough match,” said Brazilian Luiz. “Especially in the first 25 minutes. After that we controlled the game but it was too late.

“I think they were better than us and they proved that. When you play against a high-level team like Arsenal, if you are not approach the game in the same way, you can suffer, so that’s what happened.

Does the centre-back feel the pressure of Arsenal and Manchester United on their coat tails?

“Nah, the pressure is always there,” he said.

“I think every year there is a race to the title, a race to the Champions League position, a race to the Europa League position, and race to not get relegated, so it will be like that.

Sarri blasted his players for their lack of the right mentality after the game.

“He was not happy, no body is happy, so it’s normal,” said Luiz.

The defender is confident that then way Sarri wants to play, possession football is the right way to go and backs his boss.

“It’s our philosophy,” he said. “I think if we ask at the beginning of the season ‘did you think Chelsea could keep the ball?’ you are going to say ‘no’. So we are able to do that, like the best teams in the world, but in the end I think we have to improve it the last 25 metres.

“If you believe in it you can arrive there, I think because of the results, if you start to change, you don't go anywhere. So with our philosophy I believe in that, I trust in it.

“I just know you have to improve, like every team in the world. What Sarri has done at the moment is unbelievable, it’s amazing - because normally a team, to understand this kind philosophy needs one or two years, like Manchester City, like Liverpool, and this kind of team playing very well with the ball. So what he did is amazing, so you have try to improve in the detail now.”

Is it the case that some of the players are letting Sarri down?

“I don't think so,” he said. “I think everybody is trusting his job and everybody is with him.”

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