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  • By Paul Lagan

Hazard: People who sing anti-Semitic songs are not fans

Eden Hazard Photo by Paul Lagan

Eden Hazard has warned fans of Chelsea and Spurs to behave themselves at tonight’s Carabao semi-final 1st leg at Wembley following recent antisocial chanting.

Hazard, 28, said: “I just want all the fans to watch and enjoy the game. One team will win, one will lose, but try to act with fair play. I like all fans, there are good fans away also. It is a good game to play and I hope all the fans will enjoy the game.

“I have said before that these sort of fans (who sing anti-Semitic songs) are not fans for me. They come to the stadium just to say something. I understand that people want the team they support to win the game, but they need to show fair play, to just support their team.

“When you are a player, we are a bit of an example (to others), but the fans should also set an example. I want Chelsea fans to be the best in the world and I don’t want to see a bad image of Chelsea fans.

“But it is a general issue in football, it is not just Chelsea fans.

“In Italy you can see a lot of things also. I want this kind of thing to disappear. I know it’s hard because football is a big world. But if step by step we are doing things altogether, players, managers, journalists, I think we can do something.

“All I want is for people to remember the game for the right reasons.”

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